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Merchandise turnover

Economic and Trade Cooperation

Economic and trade cooperation is an important aspect of bilateral cooperation. Prospects for further development of trade, economic and investment cooperation between Tajikistan and Turkey are positive.

Despite the decline of trade turnover in recent years, Turkey remains one of the important trade partners of Tajikistan. It is worth mentioning that in 2017 thevolume of trade turnover  between the two countriesamounted to nearly 320 million US dollars. Comparing this result to the one in 2013 (which amounted to more than 650 million US dollars), it can be observed that both countries have enough potential further expansion of their bilateral trade cooperation. 

Aluminum and cotton are the main goods which are exported from Tajikistan to Turkey. Tajikistan imports mainly food products, textiles andchemicalsfrom Turkey. 

Trade turnover between the two countries in figures:

Year Total volume (thousand US dollars) Export(thousand US dollars) Import(thousand US dollars)
2012 600577.2 493378.2 107199.0
2013 656026.3 473454.2 182572.1
2014 398470.5 251804.4 146666.1
2015 388480.8 255693.6 132787.2
2016 315077.3 200765.0 114312.3

Investments evaluation in Tajikistan shows that inflow of Turkish capital has increased in recent years. Volume of Turkish investments in the economy of Tajikistan over years 2007-2017 has reached to nearly 200 million US dollars.

The Office of the Turkish International Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) in Tajikistan plays an important role in this regard. Dozens of projects at a cost of more than 90 million US dollars have been implemented in the Republic of Tajikistan through the TIKA.

Investing in  real sectors of Tajikistan's economy and establishment of joint production enterprises based on local raw materials are priorities in cooperationbetween Tajikistan and Turkey. Today,as a result of joint or exclusively Turkish investments there are about 80 companies which operatein different sectors of the economy of Tajikistan, such as production of construction materials, carpet making, as well as furniture production and foodstuff manufacturing.

Economic and Trade Relations with Tajikistan, 6/9/2017

Turkey’s economic and trade relations withTajikistanhave developed at a slower pace than its cooperation with other Central Asian countries due to the civil war that took place in Tajikistan between 1992 and 1997. Nevertheless, substantial developments have been observed after stabilization ofTajikistan.

Turkeyis Tajikistan’s number four trade partner afterRussia, China and Kazakhstan. However, the volume of our bilateral trade depends on aluminum which is imported fromTajikistan. Raw cotton is the second most imported product byTurkey. On the other hand,Tajikistan imports food products, textiles and chemical products from Turkey.

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